Free Thing

2004- me playing by and with myself

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3 Blind
4 hand piano free improvisation with my late great piano teacher Richard  Grayson 1978

Possible Directions by Tim Price 1987
Studio recording

Great American Folk Song (PCRO)
Arrangement for Ragtime 

Free thing

"Blah blah blah BOSSA!" - anonymous

Arr by TRP
Possible Directions _Chorale
Yes or No Jazz Septet + guests
Wilson Theater 1987
arrangement for ragtime orchestra
Weill You Wait for Chamber Jazz Orchestra
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Tim on Mic
My singing debut!

Studio recording circa 1985

I am the piano soloist. 

4 hand free piano improvisation with Richard Grayson
you can get my charts:

Piano player
Private instruction
Quotes & Jokes

Facing Facets 

YEs or No at Yoshi's 1989

           TIM PRICE​ 

Weill You Wait
Performance by BAJCO at Yoshis 1988

"And there I stood with my piccolo"

Somewhere a.k.a. Kansas?
CSU Fresno A Band  at the College
of the Sequoias 1983