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Free Thing

2004- me playing by and with myself

Free thing

"Blah blah blah BOSSA!" - anonymous

Weill You Wait for Chamber Jazz Orchestra
Arr by TRP
Studio recording
Piano player
Private instruction
Quotes & Jokes

Tim on Mic
My singing debut!

Possible Directions by Tim Price 1987
Possible Directions _Chorale
Yes or No Jazz Septet + guests
Wilson Theater 1987

Studio recording circa 1985

I am the piano soloist. 

4 hand free piano improvisation with Richard Grayson
arrangement for ragtime orchestra
Weill You Wait
Performance by BAJCO at Yoshis 1988

"And there I stood with my piccolo"

Somewhere a.k.a. Kansas?
CSU Fresno A Band  at the College
of the Sequoias 1983

you can get my charts:

Great American Folk Song (PCRO)
Arrangement for Ragtime 

Facing Facets 

YEs or No at Yoshi's 1989

3 Blind
4 hand piano free improvisation with my late great piano teacher Richard  Grayson 1978

           TIM PRICE​